Our motivational session is the place where we want you to tell us your story. We want to hear your struggles and your pain points both fitness-related and life-related. This is the place where we can really create and cultivate transparency in order to ensure future success as you move towards accomplishing your fitness and athletic goals.

Curious? Here’s what goes down:

  • 5 minute Introduction
  • 5 minute Run Down
  • 20 minutes of Problem Solving
    • Discuss time management
    • Pattern interruption techniques
    • Sleep hygiene
  • Create your goal planning sheet
  • Go over vision and goal planning worksheet PDF with coach review notes
  • Create and finalize a 30 day training plan

An hour of your day could change the direction of your fitness and athletic journey and even better, when you leave the session you will have left with actionable and attainable items.

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