As a proud Marine veteran, Rick Noda has always been a passionate and motivated individual and as such, has had a passion for passing along that motivation in order to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves – especially when it comes to their fitness goals. During his Marine experience, he learned that the most efficient way to overcome the dreaded length of the learning curve is to find the expert and learn from the ground up. Rick believes that the discipline it takes to set and accomplish fitness goals overflows into your personal life and impacts the confidence you can build by being able to hold yourself accountable while also being grounded enough to give yourself tangible and achievable measures of success.

A full-time endurance coach and participant for the past 10 years, Rick has found joy in seeing his clients set their first PR or stand on the podium for the first time. He’s competed and coached for Ironman’s, half/full marathons, as well as short and long course triathlons. He enjoys motivating his clients through physical training with not only his own personal experience but experience from leaders in the industry. The T3 Body Training program was created from a science-based approach that utilizes USAT and TRX training, cardiovascular system improvement, stretching and muscle strengthening, and nutritional guidance. Even if you have had an injury or are recovering from a recent surgery, T3 Body is equally as effective for your goals.

From conducting workouts in a parking lot to having his own studio and being available for home coaching, Rick has built T3 Body Training from the ground up and is excited to continue to bring passion, perseverance, and motivation to his local and online community!

Our Pledge: Our motivational physical training will inspire you to be better!



  • Licensed Vocational Nurse #250653
  • USAT Level I Coach
  • USA Triathlon Member #2100213448
  • Trainingpeaks University TPU
  • TRX Black & Yellow Elite Coach

Whether you are new to the athletic world or are a former college athlete, I look forward to working with you and helping you develop and game plan for your achieving your athletic goals!